Horseback Riding Trails

Equibreizh is a network of Horseback riding trails which extend deep into Brittany, allowing a grand tour of the region by horseback. The local trails in our region that make up a part of Equibreizh offer visitors a unique view of the regions monuments and historic sites. These local paths take you through several historical villages, "petite cities of character ", through the farmlands, the valleys and wetlands, and secret places only visible by horseback.

Association Zéphyr

The Zephyr Association, in Tremblay, offer horseback or pony tours as well as carriage rides by donkey in July and August. The activities offered by Zephyr are monitored and organized by the federal equestrians, educative tourism council
If you would like to learn more about horseback riding it is possible to attend horseback riding school and explore the landscape, and smell the scents of the forest at the same time.
The Zephyr association offers horseback riding classes to children, during the school holidays, and pony and in carriage in the roads in Tremblay.

Zéphyr Equitation
Tél. 02 99 98 36 93 / 06 83 26 62 57




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