Local Producers

Farm of Rondaie, peasant delicatessen to Tremblay

Hervé Barbelette raises his pigs on straw and cereal, producing the finest hams, terrines, sausages, bacon using local salt of Guérande. Opened to the public in 2005, you can buy direct from the farm of Rondaie, in several local supermarkets as well as regional markets: Antrain, Combourg, Dol de Bretagne…

02 99 98 20 89 




Hervé Adam, boucher/charcutier à Saint-Rémy-du-Plain

Since its creation in 1930, a family of three generations of butchers providing superior quality meats and sausages, terrines, rillette, artistry and recipes passed down through the generations… You can find the products in various local stores and the markets of Saint-Malo.

02 99 73 61 09

Chatelet, Alpaca products of Bazouges-la-Pérouse

Breeding Alpacas since 1993, Emmanuel Fantou’s animal’s are a sustainable resource.
Most article are made without dye: tartan rugs, ponchos, pullovers, slings and hats as well as some wool sold in balls and do not harm the enviroment.
By appointment only.

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