VTT, green trails and veloroutes

Stretching for thirty kilometers, the green trails between Fougères-Antrain follow the routes used in ancient times. It is possible to walk or bike in tranquility, the majority of it through nature, along the bay of the Mont Saint-Michel all the way to Antrain.
Our Véloroutes allows bike lovers to tour Brittany interest from a different point of view.. Using small and rarely frequented secondary and municipal roads clearly labeled and marked and equally shared between bikes and cars with no problems.
There are two véloroutes in our area that are available to visitors who want to tour the region by bicycle. The véloroute VD4, originating in Antrain is 70 km long, and takes you to Saint-Pern, near Bécherel, in Broceliande. The véloroute VD3, is 61 km in length and takes from Fougeres, through Tremblay, Antrain and The Fontenelle to Saint-Broladre on the bay of Mont Saint-Michel Another veloroute of interest is " Les Marais du Couesnon », a 25 km long trail which originates in Antrain, and follows the “Compagnie des chemins de fer de l’ouest ». This route follows the old railroad line, opened in 1872. Allowing a unique opportunity to explore the marais de La Folie, Sougeal as well as Aucey, and Boucey in Normandy.
Your choices of mountain biking paths are multiple and varied. Each route is marked according to difficulty allowing biking enthusiasts to chose a route appropriate to their ability and strength,. There are 7 circuits listed in the rando-guide available in the office de Tourisme
There are Biking associations which offer activites throughout the year. You can find information about these at the Office de Tourisme

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