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Park and chateau de la Rouërie

Saint-Ouen-la-Rouërie (Val-Couesnon)

Follow in the steps of the tumultuous history of the Marquis Armand Tuffin de la Rouërie, penetrating in this 17th castle surrounded by beautiful gardens. The site hosts also a sheep park, ideal for families.


Château de la Rouërie Parc animalier du château de la Rouërie


The château de la Rouërie proposes you a time travel : the château was the home of the hero of the American Independance War ! This hero was also a defender of Breton liberties and the leader of the Chouannerie: the Marquis Armand Tuffin de la Rouërie.

Built in the 17th century, the château is in a classic style, with its many openings. This classic style gives to him a welcoming and seigneurial character. This chateau is ranked as a Historical Monument, Monument Historique since 1996.

You can stroll in the alleys of the park and discover, on façade side, a magnificent French garden and, also, an English garden, on West side. In the English garden, you will see many old trees, whose the remarkable Tulip tree from Virginia in the United States of America and planted in 1784.

The wooden gamesand the sheep area will be great stop for families.

The visit take around 1 hour to visit the park.


Parc arrière du château de la Rouërie

Château de la Rouërie - Maquette bataille du marquis de la Rouërie


Address : Château de la Rouërie R