Hiking trails of Couesnon Marches de Bretagne borrow 300 km of marked trails. Walkers or confirmed hikers, 35 marked hiking tours from 5 to 23 km are available.

The territory is crossed by GR trails : GR 37, GR 39 et two of the paths of Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle.

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The paths of Flégés are naturally generous. That is true that this hike gently follow the meanders of the rivers Frénouse and Minette, insinuates itself into the heart of the undergrowth, brushes against the houses of character, dives into narrow damp paths and ends by hovering, for a few moments, over the chateau of Flégés.

LA MARCHE DES CHÂTEAUX – The Walk of the Castles

This walk invites you to discover the most architectural trail of Coglais. It weaves through the many castles and manors, offering breathtaking views on the many buildings and their domains. Although there is no surprise to this rich heritage because the lordship of st-brice Saint-Brice was, in the Middle-Age, of exceptional importance to the baronny of Fougères.

The paths near of the Rocher Portail are now closed to the public, you must now follow the shorter hiking variant following the GR 37.


Walk on the paths of famoux french writers : Jean Guéhenno, Honoré de Balzac and René de Châteaubriand, which all came here, on these lands, where you will find the chapel of Marigny near from a lovely pond. The legends will also be on your way, when you'll find the curious Couardes' stones.

CIRCUIT DE BAGUÉ – The Bagué Circuit

The circuit of Bagué is composed of many different paths, between bocage, heaths and valleys, to offer you at the final, a real beautiful course across the countryside. From the vallon of the Vollerie to the valley of the Minette, find wood, water and stone that mark the territory.



In Saint-Germain-en-Coglès, God and Satan meet there regularly as soon as granite outcrops in a field, or as soon as water springs from stone… with Le Châtellier hidden behind the wood, at the bend of of this trail, the town offers a few of the most beautiful stories of the region. But beware, these legends are drawn both from the imagination of the locals and from historical truths ...



The region was the scene of many feats of arms during the chouannes waves of 1793, 1795 et 1799. A real terror standed between the republicans (The Blue ones) and the Chouans (the White ones), who schematically divides the north Coglais, region against revolution, from the south Coglais, who are rather committed to the new principles. As for the moors, in the old days they were an important element in the countryside, these were uncultivated surfaces but privileged places to fight. This trail of the Blue Lands allows you to cross some of them.

LE CHEMIN DES BOGUES – The Trail of the Husks

At the heart of the trails of preserved shrubbery, the trail of the husks follows an earth where the works of granite becomes second nature and take in the amazing views: houses and manors of the 16th Century and the 17th Century end up becoming commonplace in a country where we give names as hard as rock to villages: Rocher-Guy, Rocher Ferré, Rocher Bernard, Rochedien… and where parietal sculptures cover even the sides of certain stone-pits.


LES RABINES DE COURTINE – Courtine’s rabines

The courtine rabines are spread over several villages. The rabine used to designate a wide path lined with trees, as you will take several times on this circuit. This large circuit takes you around  charming stone buildings: at a place called Courtine, a very beautiful hamlet from the 18th and 19th century and its well, and the chapel of Monthoux up to the edge of a hill.

CIRCUIT DE LA VALLÉE DE LA MINETTE – Circuit of the Minette’s Valley

There is a walk placed under the sign of water, that starts at Saint-Étienne-en-Coglès. If at the North, the Loysance cross from east to west the village, it's yet on the south that the hike will guide you to the edge od the Vocadieu river and the Chaudeboeuf mill, maybe one of the best spot to discover by hiking.

LE CIRCUIT DES MÉLINIÈRES – Circuit of Melinieres

Inaugurated in 1872, the railroad line arrive on St-Brice-en-Coglès  and link Fougères to the bay of the Mont-St-Michel. The train station become then a big activity area with the granite, cattle and local production expeditions. This hike leads you a few kilometers on this ancient railroad who became "voie verte" (cycling route), to escape after on the coutryside of St-Marc-le-Blanc looking for manors...