Campervan areas

Campervans travellers are welcomed in Couesnon Marches de Bretagne !

You’ll find five services areas, all offering free parking near from the center of the towns. They also provides emptying systems, water and electricity.

In addition, some stop areas (without any service of emptying systems, water and electricity) let you park without any worries and spend a night on our villages.

To discover our territoy, try to follow some of the touristic routes crossing our villages.

Aire camping-car d'Antrain © OT CMB
Antrain campervan service area

The town campervan service area of Antrain is located very near the historical road to the Mont-Sain...

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Baillé campervan area

Indulge in a stop on this small area named “area for the rest of the fisherman”, located...

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Bazouges-la-Pérouse campervan service area

The town campervan service area of Bazouges-la-Pérouse is located in a verdant area near of the town...

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Coglès campervan area
Les Portes du Coglais

Indulge in a bucolic stop in this small village, full of flowers, where old shop signs can be seen o...

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Entre Pierres et Collines campervan area

A peaceful area at the middle of preserved environment. Welcome to the holidaymakers from the campsi...

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Farm of la Rondaie campervan area
35460 Val-Couesnon

Set on a valley, the farm of la Rondaie has always produced pork meat (charcuterie). They welcomes y...

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La Fontenelle campervan service area

Located near of the entrance of the village of La Fontenelle, the campervan service area let you emp...

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Le Châtellier campervan area
Le Châtellier

The campervan park area of the high up on a hill small village of Le Châtellier is located near of a...

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Aire étape du Tiercent © OT CMB
Le Tiercent campervan area
Le Tiercent

Indulge in a quiet stop on Le Tiercent, in the verdant area of the recreation area, where you’...

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Montours campervan area
Les Portes du Coglais

Indulge in a quiet stop at the end of the town of Montours. At a fiew steps of the campervan area, o...

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