Occupancy Tax


At the 1rst of January 2018, the association of local authorities Couesnon Marches de Bretagne set an occupancy tax on the real number of tourists sleeping on the territory. This tax is paid by tourist, and collected by every paying accomodation owners of Couesnon Marches de Bretagne territory before the departure of the clients. The gain is used for touristic actions to develop tourism in the territory.


Additional department tax

The Departemntal Council of Ille-et-Vilaine choosed to instaurate an additional department tax collected since the 1rt of January 2020.
It’s a tax that represent 10% of the occupancy tax already settled. It’s collected in addication with the occupancy tax.
This additional tax is exclusively used for expense linked to the welcoming and touristic promotion of the Ille-et-Vilaine area (mission of the Departmental Agency of Tourism).



Are exempted of this tax : people under-18s, Couesnon Marches de Bretagne inhabitants, seasonal workers employed on the territory, people who get an emergency accomodation.



Prices are accorded to the range of the amount settled every year by the French State, are voted once a year by the local elected representatives. The prices are put up on every accomodation of Couesnon Marches de Bretagne and depends of the classification and kind of the accomodation.



Every months, the accomodation owners declare the number of night tourists spend. They pay back at the end of every trimester the occupancy tax. It’s to be noted that, since the 1rst of January  2019, digital intermediate operators of paying collect the occupancy tax.



Every accomodation owner must declare their accomodation to the mairies (town hall) and declare any modifications in their activities (closure, temporary stop for works, owner change). If there not declarerd, the owners risks a maximum fine of 450€.



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