Cycling Trails

For cycling lovers : the voie verte, 4 cycling tours and 2 cycling roads on minor roads let you pedal quietly.


Cycling tour’s map and the map of Ille-et-Vilaine’s voies vertes are also available for free in our Tourist Office in Bazouges-la-Pérouse and Maen-Roch.


From Fougères to the gates of the Mont-Saint-Michel

Long from about fifty kilometers, link Fougères to the Mont-St-Michel by following the voie verte VD3 Fougères-Antrain, then a part of shared road along the Couesnon' stamps until Pontorson where you'll find the voie verte EV4. Many stops can be made during the journey. NB : Bikes are forbidden in the Mont-Saint-Michel, you must park them in the bike park of Beauvoir.



Véloroute Antrain-Saint-Pern VD4

With its 70 km, the bike route from Antrain to Saint Pern offers a great view on the diversity of countryside landscapes of the nortern Ille-et-Vilaine. Alternating between roads and parts of voies vertes, it links Antrain to Bazouges-la-Pérouse, then leads you to the pong of Boulet in Feins, Hédé and its 11  locks or even Bécherel, another Character Village also known as a Book village.


Thirty kilometers long, the voie verte Fougères-Antrain follows the old train tracks. You can take it in complete tranquility by foot, by bike or by horse (the horse must stay on the grass parts). A link is possible with the voie verte of the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel, by following the bike route from Fougères to the gates of Mont-Saint-Michel.

LA BOUCLE DES PICAOUS – The Loop of the Picaous

Heritage's lovers, all on your saddle for a great breakaway on the paths of "Picaous", the legendary stonemasons of the Coglais ! Granite quarries, numerous castles and manors, it's a real time-travel over the history thaht you'll start, following a preserved bocage landscape.


LES MARAIS DU COUESNON – The Couesnon’s stamps

1,2,3, ... you will discover 4 stamps during this cycling journey. At the departure of Antrain, take your bicycle for a discovery of the Couesnon's stamp, just before the Mont-Saint-Michel. On small routes, with a height difference, the stamps of Sougéal, the Mesnil, Aucey-Boucey and the Folie offer you singulars landscapes where live a magnificent fauna and flora.


Les Balcons du Coglais – Coglais’s balconies

Rise an inldulge in this hilly landscapes of the Coglais. Along your journey, make some stops to discover remarkable natural sites as the Botanical Gardens of Haute Bretagne or the Garden of water.

LE CHEMIN DES GRANDS CHÊNES – The path of the big oaks

At the crossroads of the Couesnon area, the small routes which guide this circuit, lead you to the discovery of many faces of the Antrain area. The first part of the ride conduces you to Bazouges-la-Pérouse, heritage character village, in the Villecartier forest, space dedicated to leisure and to nature's lovers. Then, you will cycle across valleys designed by the Couesnon river, and marked by the granite, iconic stone of the region.