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Park of the Chateau de Bonnefontaine

Antrain (Val-Couesnon)

The very elegant château of Bonnefontaine is surrounded by a wide English park of 25 hectares, with romantic influences, composed by the famous landscapers Denis Bülher and Édouard André.


Château de Bonnefontaine

Parc du château de Bonnefontaine


The construction of the chateau de Bonnefontaine cames back to the 15th century, on the command of the chamberlain of the duchess Anne de Bretagne. Extended in the 19th century in a romantic spirit, a large English park has been converted by Denis and Eugène Bülker, also at the origin of the Jardins du Thabor (in Rennes).


Stroll around in these wide natural spaces, with large horizons and plantations and groves in successifs plans. Many species planted at the creation of the park are always here : redwoods, bald cypresses, yew trees, magnolias but also fuschias, hydrangeas, and other rhododendrons.


Arbre de la duchesse Anne de Bretagne au parc de Bonnefontaine

Château de Bonnefontaine


Address : Bonnefontaine – Antrain 35560 VAL-COUESNON
Website :
Contact : Contact by email | +33 (0)2 99 98 31 13


Adult : 5 € – Free for less than 12 years

Guided tour of the park and the ground floor of the chateau for groups from 15 persons : 10€ by visitor.

You can buy your ticket online following this link :

Opening hours

Park and outdoors of the chateau open for free visit all day from Easter Sunday until Toussaint Sunday, 9.00AM-6.00PM.

Sanitary crisis : The saniarty pass is not asked in outdoor gardens.

Our advice

Take a time to discover the tree of the Duchess Anne of Brittany ! This curious stump of a chesnut tree is telled to be the tree under which Anne would sat one day. Unfortunately, it did’nt resist a storm in 1987, but was kept and sport a plaque reminding its story.