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Pommé, a food tradition

Speciality and local produce of the Gallo region, the “Pommé” is like a kind of marmelade realized from a mix of apples brassed in a new cider. Although the pommé is exclusively prepared with apples, the Pommé has sometimes a caramel taste with a a light scent of prune.




In the old days, the “ramaougeries” (gallo language) were organized from farms to farms. It gathered families and neighboors for festive evenings until sunrise. Songs and dances accompanied the long work of the “ramaougeurs” because the cook takes 24 hours to get the right consistency. 

Nowadays, every autumn, many villages of Couesnon Marches de Bretagne cook their “Pommé”.
Make the pommé takes a long time : peeling of the apples, the making of cider, the cider bullied in big cooper containers (called pêle). Then, the apples are poured all along the night and “ramaougées” (stirred) continously with a big spoon of wood (called ribot). The cook needs a great vigilance to avoid the bottom to burn ! 

The pommé was an important produce in the food of peasant families in alimentary shortage periods, in particular during the WWII, so that’s why he’s sometimes called as the “poor’s butter”.

Little by little abandonned, the cooking of pommé started again on the 80’s in the village of Couesnon Marches de Bretagne. Now, a lot of ramaougeries event take palce every autumn so as in Bazouges-la-Pérouse (and is renowed pommé festival – Canceled in 2020 due to the sanitary crisis) and also in Val-Couesnon (Tremblay), in Chauvigné, in Maen Roch (Saint-Brice-en-Coglès), in Rimou and in Saint Germain-en-Coglès.

It’s now a real sweetmeat, typical from the area, you must be tasted without moderation !

Our advice

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