Pommé festival


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Every automn, Bazouges-la-Pérouse perpetuate a tradition dating back from the 19th Century and prepare a local food speciality : the pommé ! This festive, greedy and musical event attracts every year many visitors.




This year 2020, due to the sanitary crisis, the festival is canceled and postponed on 2021.


The pommé festival in Bazouges-la-Pérouse is a waited event in the year, every 3rd week-end in October !

The pommé is cooked, a kinf of jam made of apples and cider cooked during 24 hours in big cooper containers (called pêle in the gallic language), before being potted.
This long cook is favourable to disscutions aroun the pêle, traditional songs, music….
The preparation is a convivial moment where everybody is invited to try to ramaouger (mix) the Pommé.

On Sunday, a meal with pommé, in music, highlight this local speciality. The craft market, concerts, traditional music groups of Bretagne and dancing demonstrations are provided all the day.





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