Hiking trails of Couesnon Marches de Bretagne borrow 300 km of marked trails. Walkers or confirmed hikers, 35 marked hiking tours from 5 to 23 km are available.

The territory is crossed by GR trails : GR 37, GR 39 et two of the paths of Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle.

Find, here and freely, all of our hiking documents. They are also available in printed versions in our Tourism Offices at Bazouges-la-Pérouse and Maen-Roch. Each printed hiking document costs 0.20 €.


DU HAUT DES ÉCHELLES – From the Echelles’s Top

In the North of Montours, runs from west to east  the stream of the Échelles, an important watercourse for inhabitants of the surroundings because he feed a part of the water supply of the Coglais. This stream is a connecting thread on this hie with tree variant.  This hike is he occasion to discover the manors of la Ville Eon and of the Chêne Sec and the surprizing bridge of granite of Eric Théret.

DESCENTE DE MONT-NOËL – Descent of Mont-Noël

The tour of Mont-Noël did not steal its name because this loop tries the adventure on the edge of the Mont-Noël steam, practically from it's source to its confluence with the Echelle steam, a few kilometers downriver. The tour slopes gently (50 meters high between the departure to the confluence) and always changes its apsect between crests and valleys, moors, undergrowth and meadows.


At the top of this trail, Montours invites a well-sheltered walk through its small alleys typical of this country. This site offers an exceptional belvedere of the region who overlooks the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel as well as the hills of the Fougères hinterland. The circuit is also home to an astonishing totem, the work of Phillipe Dansette installed in 1999.

À L’ORÉE DE GÂTINES – On the Edge of Gâtines

Intended for confirmed hikers and mountain bikers, this tour offers the possibility to walk on the edge od the wood of Gâtines and to see the reunion of two regions : Bretagne and Normandy, connecting the mills of Champinel to the mill of Roche Garré in Normandy. This course presents a great diversity, mixing all kind of heritage and crossing many landscapes.

LA BALADE DE LA POTELAIS (The Ride of the Potelais)

Coglès is the example of the wedding between beautiful stones and flowers : famous village for its flowering, Coglès presents also a beautiful architectural heritage. The village is ranked as a Commune du Patrimoine Rural de Bretagne. The Ride of the Potelais adds a natural dimension and invites you in the valley.


To hike on this corner is simply magic : you don't hike but you dive into the landscape.  You'll walk across the land by old ways, by villages who seem to be fixed in time and hidding treasure of architecture, along ancient abandonned granite quarries.

LE CIRQUE DU DIABLE – The Devil’s cirque

Entrenched on its rocky outcrop, nestled in the heart of a haven of plants haunted by devilish steaming stones, Le Châtellier exhales its powerful scent of magic and yet inspire your curiosity... which will be awarded without fail : this loop will lead you from legendary sites to sacred places, across devils and wonderful things, between wood and granite, until the edge of the Foltière property, kingdom of the flowers of the Botanical Gardens of Haute Bretagne.

LA BOUCLE DE LA MOTTE DU CHÂTEL – The Loop of the Châtel motte and bailey castle

The tour of the Châtel motte and baily castle did not steal his name, because it ends by the discovery of a historical site : the Châtel hills, remarkable site from Middle-Age. This walk is also the occasion to discover all the charms of the countryside of Marcillé-Raoul.

LE GRAND TOUR DE VILLECARTIER – The Big Tour of Villecartier

Go on the biggest hiking loop of the territory on Bazouges-la-Pérouse. As point of departure, discover a forest gathering many treasures, hollow paths opening views on magnificent overviews, walk around the chateau of La Ballue dans stroll in the streets of the character village... there is an ideal recipe for a hike for sporty walkers.

Watch out : one part of the tour in the forest is altered by a wood cutting area and the marking is not visible any more. The map reading is essential in this area.

LE CIRCUIT DE LA LOYSANCE – The Circuit of the Loysance river

Situated at the confluent of the Loysance and the Couesnon rivers, Antrain takes its name from two Latin words "Inter Amnès", significating "in the middle of rivers". Here, the water, the land and the stones form a fabulous marriage to offer you an agreeable walk.